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Resume Consultation

We'll take a look at your resume or CV and give you pointers on how to make your experience stand out! Suggestions may include:

  • Formatting ideas to bring your expertise to the forefront

  • Keywords to use to match recruiting software

  • The best structure to display your experience

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Some industries and types of positions require a CV. This document outlines the entire path of your career, often including specific courses and continuing education. We can turn your pile of education, manuscripts, talks, and work experience into a beautiful document to send to your latest headhunter (or to post on LinkedIn)!

Custom Designed Resume

We will design a resume that matches your personality while showcasing your brilliance! With this service, we start from the ground up and use the most common keywords in listings for your goal position. We are especially talented with a range of work history and career changes.

Another Service, Probably

Still in progress, thank you for your patience!

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