AMA Creative Solutions is the brain child of Angela Aylward, who is driven to help people understand their challenges, jump their hurdles, and live their dreams. 


We offer a variety of services to help everyone conquer their goals. We have it all, whether you're looking for resume services, tutoring, bookkeeping, writing services, or help in organizing & planning. All of our services are driven by compassion, the most current research, and your ambition.

We're based in Tampa, Florida, but are happy to work with you remotely. We love using new tools and technology to make life easier and more joyful. We look forward to hearing from you today!


Angela Aylward

Angela is an educator at her core. She thrives on helping people understand themselves and their goals, and seeks to help everyone achieve their dreams. 

She has a Master of Arts in Sociology, which helps her understand business & recruiting trends, and her background in qualitative research guides her approach to design, organization, and client support. She has been tutoring and designing resumes for 7 years, has been studying educational theory since she was a child, taught in a university setting for 4 years, and writing & editing most of her life. 


Her approach with clients is based solidly in empathy and authenticity. 


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