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Important Note: Dorian is transitioning to better reflect their identity. They were formerly known as Angie or Angela.


I hired Angie to create a resume for me, which involved presenting a very unusual career progression. She was able to not only track the common strengths and trends of my roles across fields, she presented it in a concise manner using a format I'd never seen used before. That resume got me interviews and consideration for positions at a higher level than I've ever had before. I'd definitely recommend her services for anyone needing a cover letter, resume, CV, or other professional document.

- Alex E

Angie is the absolute best editor. I reached out to her prior to submitting my research for publication. She did not just review the paper with a cursory read through to suggest minor edits. Instead, she reviewed every bit of my thirty page paper with a fine toothed comb. Angie provided carefully considered suggestions for significant revisions. The suggestions provided were foundational to the piece and improved it immensely. I was very impressed by her review, not just for her erudite suggestions but that she was able to provide these suggestions outside of her field. After working with AMA Creative Solutions to complete these revisions, I submitted the paper for consideration. It has now successfully passed editor reviews and is in the final stages of consideration! Did I mention that she was extremely timely as well, offering this valuable feedback within a week of the original contract? I cannot recommend Angie highly enough. If there is a project you are working on, even if it is not necessarily in her field, she remains the absolute best go to editor, hands down.

- Jenna C. 

If your same methods of writing/editing, expanding your knowledge base, and organising your schedule aren’t working— you NEED to try AMA Creative Solutions.

Angie has an unconventional but wholistic approach to our unproductive tendencies, and works through client problems in a sustainable way that works with your lifestyle. I really appreciate her unique perspective, and prodding questions that spark meaningful action. Love these services!

- Nadya R. 

Angie is a PHENOMENAL writer. She did an amazing job crafting a character profile I was struggling with creating for a D&D campaign. Her work was highly professional and uniquely detailed, I will definitely be seeing her again to update my resume.

- Fen G. 

Excellent writer and editor with a wide range of skills and life experience. An amazing tutor!

- Kathryn V. 

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